It is a fact that subscribers will help your blog to stay alive. This is because they are your regular readers and it takes a lot of hard work to gain them. Needless to say, it is also hard to increase them. The worst thing that can happen is that they are getting few and you cannot force them to stay. But I am very sure that you are doing some things that your subscribers do not like. As a blog subscriber myself, here are some of the main factors that stops me from subscribing.

Long and boring posts

While it is alright to write long posts, they should not be boring. On the contrary, they must be more interesting as they are being read. This is where creative writing can help. If you want to write long posts, learn how to minimize grammatical errors and avoid useless words like too many helping words. If you can write many things about an interesting topic, make a series part and inform your readers about it.

Inconsistent posting frequency

If you choose a particular blogging frequency say every other day, be sure you can maintain of at least close to it. Remember that subscribers are followers and if you make them impatient for your next blog post, then they will leave without saying goodbye. Sudden increase of blog frequency can also be annoying especially if they do not open their mails everyday. Consistency is one thing readers like from us.

Repetitive post topics

Making blog posts are not like submitting articles to different article directories. It is not like a good movie that people want to see again and again. If you want to talk about an old topic, be sure to make it more interesting to read than the first and provide a reasonable time gap. Adding some new ideas about it or updating your readers about the topic can be very interesting to follow. Fragrant flowers can also cause allergy.

Sudden change of blog topic

Remember that blogging is sharing quality information, and abrupt change of blog topic may offend your loyal readers. If you want to make an experiment on an off-topic post, inform your readers beforehand and how frequent you will do this. Readers subscribe to a blog because you have common interest in topics to read. If you suddenly change your interest, they may also change their minds.

Successive product reviews

Engaging into paid-to-write sites can provide you additional income but can also harm your subscribers. They are after what you can share to them, not what they can buy through your advice. If they are interested in buying something, they will go to a more appropriate site. If you want to earn more while saving your subscribers, balance your paid posts and find other sources of income. There are a lot of them just waiting to be discovered.

Frequent feed errors

Make sure that you are using a reliable feed source. Most used feed sources do not mean it is always effective. They encounter technical problems too. Monitor their performance very closely and a good way of doing it is to subscribe to your blog. In this way, you can also experience the same feelings your subscribers feel. At any rate, full RSS feed is better than partial feed or just title feeds. If multiple errors are happening, report them at once.

Loyalty pays off only when you know how to handle it.

Article Source: Humane Blogging Tips