Hi guys,

I tried to use this code in html file and it is working fine but when i use the same code in php file (with get method/value after the file name . eg : file.php?id=1) the JS doesnt work anymore.. it still will direct to the next page eventhough the user click cancel.

My code for ur reference :

function confirmation() 
var answer = confirm("Lets confirm!")
if (answer==true)
	alert("Proceed"); // code will be inserted to redirect user to next page
		alert("I am not done");

<input type="image" onclick="confirmation()" value="Lets confirm" src="images/myimage.gif" alt="<? echo $useme ?>" name="personal" />
Can somebody please let me know what I have done wrong and why the cancel button doesnt return back to the original page my php file? All I want is after the user click cancel, it will remove the alert box and display back to current page without directing the user to other page.

Please assist. Thank you.