Well I have a dilema. I have created a task/project manager and have just been asked to add a feature. As far as I can see I have two choices. (really I should have thought of this when I started but i didn't come to mind)

I have a current table

taskid pk
tid fk

Now I think I can do two things
1 - create a lookup table and simple add an option to create recursive tasks. This means there would be no changing the original table. Simply adding a new table with a foreign key to the recursive rules.

taskid fk
recid fk

recid pk

2 - Add another column to the original table connecting it to the Recursive table detailing the rules.

Now for all legitimate purposes I don't really need the lookup (my boss doesn't require future editing of the tasks as of yet) but I am trying to make it so when the time comes and he wants to edit when how or where the recursive tasks fall there is a table tracking the proper information which can then edit the appropiatr tasks.

So I am wondering what others would do in a situation like this. Which would seem the best option?