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    If statement to fetch image. - Joomla Component

    Hi guys

    i just want any help that can make me solved this riddle. T_T

    actually i m using 1 of the joomla 1.0 component to manage all my company events. so basically for a week i have 1 problem that i cant solved by myself, i already try to google a few of other website that maybe can help me in this but its appear there is nothing much they can do.

    and here is the question, i want to put events image that actually been stored on others place to been show on this page

    under category section.

    and the sample of events is not the same. the sample is over here

    so basically for this page how i can fetch the image so that i can fetch the image link from the db and its will be properly show the correct image under the correct events.

    i attach a sample of db

    and a sample how i want it to be like with a code for that page.

    				if ($layoutsettings[$idx['category']]->set_show == 1) {
    					if ($layoutsettings[$idx['category']]->set_linked == 1) {
    						if ($datimage=1)
    						<td width="<?php echo $layoutsettings[$idx['category']]->set_width; ?>"> 
                                <img src="<?php echo $datimage = $mosConfig_live_site."/images/eventlist/events/".$row->datimage; ?>" alt="original" />   
    					} else {
    						<td width="<?php echo $layoutsettings[$idx['category']]->set_width; ?>">
    							<?php echo $row->catname; ?>
    and the whole code for this page i put in zip file at here

    and the code i want to change start from 232 - 234

    any help will be really help my life. thx
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