this is just a thought and want to know how possible technically it may or may not be. this is what i want to be able to do:

say we're talking about a restaurant. the customer goes to pay as usual -- in the restaurant (cash or cc both of which generates a receipt). included on the receipt is a inique username (possibly based on their name from the credit card if they paid by cc althought this isn't so important) and a random short password. the username must be unique, and the restaurant's website needs to also access this info at some point preferably straight away. so it's about hooking up a till and possibly cc machine to a database of some sort which the website also has access to somehow.

the reason i want this is to be able to set up an account (one which doesn't deal with money/credit cards at all) which then allows the customer to make online bookings/reservations in the future. their account on the restaurant'ts website is created automatically and of course each name must be uniqe so the point of sale set up (till, credit card machine) needs to be able to access the current list of acccount names.

so it's about interfacing between point of sale stuff (till and/or credit card machine) and some database somewhere which the website also has access to.

not knowing anything about point of sale set ups i have no idea if this is possible or impossible?