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    jQuery UI draggable freezing IE7

    Hi there,

    I've implemented a little app for a client and am now stuck with a bad bad problem.
    The app is a pinboard where the users can upload an image, enter name, email, website and a short note.
    After the preview and upload the server renders everything as single image and presents the finished image on the pinboard so the user can position it (position is saved server-side).
    Everything works like a charm in FF2 and Opera - but with IE7 there's the problem that as soon as I move the image it freezes.
    I can avoid the freeze if I leave IE7 (just switch to anotehr program) and return - then the freeze won't happen.
    The weird thing is - it only happens on the first drag after upload - all following drags don't freeze IE.

    Has anybody had similar problems in the past?
    I'd reallay appriciate all tipps.
    If someone wants to see the app please send a PM, as it's my clients app I don't want to mention it publically.

    Thanks in davance.
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