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    Question Gmail/Yahoo Type Address Popup


    If any of you are using Gmail/Yahoo, you might have noticed that when you want to compose a new mail, in the To: field, you type the first one, two or three character of the person whom you want to sent the mail and a list of similar address pops-up in a list, and you can select the one whom you want to send the mail.

    Whats that pop-up process called and where can I find the source code of it for my website?

    I would have searched google before posting but since I didnt knew wot is it called, hence I had to post it here.

    Thanx for your help

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    This is often carried out via ajax, where javascript sends a query to a serverside script which queries a database and returns results. But if the list of possibilites is small, you may wish to just embed the whole list into the webpage to avoid the latency of sending http requests with ajax.


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