Hi all,

Here's the troubled page in question http://www.cafemambo.co.uk/exeter/ga...50708-test.php

I have implemented in my opinion what is a very nice gallery tool - Carousel http://www.flshow.net made in flash. This by itself didn't suit my purpose of letting users see larger versions of images. Hence I combined it with Lightbox which is called/initialised by an <a> (anchor) reference when a thumbnail is clicked on in the Carousel gallery.

So far so good. For compatibility, if people don't have flash installed I also included standard Thumbnails on the page below the flash gallery which also initialised lightbox for image viewing. These both work independently on both Firefox & IE however I have noticed that only when clicking on the 1st couple of lines of thumbnails underneath the Flash gallery, as Lightbox tries to load the image it will for some reason crash IE. I have tried it with Slimbox, Thickbox etc too but also crashing. Now i've managed to (i think) isolate the problem to only when Lightbox tries to place its main picture over the Flash Gallery. (i.e. Lightbox has been called from clicking on the images directly underneath the Flash Carousel Gallery) If you click on thumbnails at the bottom of the page when the Flash element is out of view everything works fine, aswell as if Lightbox is initialised from the flash gallery itself. ONLY NOT WHEN INITIALISED FROM THE THUMBNAILS BENEATH THE CAROUSEL ITSELF.

I hope this makes sense to folks. I have searched all-over and tried many different permutations of code and source-order but to no-avail as yet. I'm certain it's something very simple but something elusively simple at that!

Please pass on any opinions.

Thank you in advance,


Versions used :-

Lightbox v2.03.3
Prototype v1.5.0
Scriptaculous v1.7.0
Scriptaculous Effects v1.7.0