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    Talking I desperately need some help for a new site.

    Ok I have a mailing company that sends out tens of thousands of direct mail, postcards, greeting cards, holiday cards, etc to other companies customers. And I am building a new site for the business, I am in need of something I dont know if is a script I need or what, but I need something where my customers can go to my site, and fully be able to customize their card to their needs, and I want the card to be able to be seen as they are building it. Like what verbage they want on the card templates they can choose from for the card different designs, and such. I would like them to be able to fully place a order on the site.

    So if anyone knows what I am needing please feel free to feel me in, on what to do.


    David Adams

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    I've done a few of these sort of things, and from my experience I reckon you'll need a good command of actionscript for the interface and also good knowledge of server side image generation to create the printed high resolution files. They aren't trivial bits of code that you're going to knock out easily, particularly when you additionally need to tie a design to a unique order reference created in your ecommerce system. There are pre-made scripts of these sort of things available, but they're usually fairly generic and not well tailored to the required functionality and would be unlikely that they could just be dropped into a shopping cart.


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