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    Flash Plugin safari

    I have a flash that it is not dynamic , it is a simple 4 images with 4 text slide show.

    These animation need to be play random.So I use the random functions and the gotoAndPlay(number of frame).

    so the actionscript is like this on the first frame

    random functions
    if var=1 ....
    gotoAndPlay(number of frame)

    The flash in Safari/MAC is not working, remain on the first frame.

    If I remove the stop is working but this creates a problem in Firefox, because will start playing an not executing the random function.

    In Internet Explorer everything is OK with stop; or without stop;

    Who can I resolve the problem in Safari ?

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    I would consider a major re-design because it sounds like your coding is phinicky. (it likes what it likes, and that's all it likes)

    Can't you call up the type of browser being used and make a variable for it?
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