I'm not sure if this goes in php or here, but I'm going with here.
I have a photo gallery where photo's are ftped to a temporary folder.
Then I run a script that:
  1. Takes exif data from photo
  2. Create Thumbnail/Retreive Thumbnail
  3. Resize Image to correct size
  4. Moves photo to permanent Location
  5. Update Database

This takes a second or two for 1 image, and if you're doing several images takes a little longer.

Now I want to create a table that has this sort of format(Repeated of course)
Code HTML4Strict:
<td> { img thumbnail }</td>
<td> { filename } </td>
<td> { text input field } </td>
<td> { text input field } </td>
<td> { icon } </td>

So then the user fills out the input fields and clicks the submit button

Now I want the same page layout but as each image is successfully ran through the script(the aforementioned one) I want to change the icon to a different one.

How do I do this?