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(Remember: This was written by a 98 year old woman;
Oh yes

Anyway, a girl goes shopping to her local supermarket and buys the following items:

  • one toothbrush
  • a pint of milk
  • an apple
  • a bannana
  • a small block of cheese
  • and so on.....

To cut the long story short, after two hours she finally arrives at the checkout with all 20 items.

While the items are sent down and scanned she notices the male cashier weighing her up then nodding to him self slightly. She thought nothing of it and carried on as normal.

More items were scanned then the male cashier said "Excuse me, can I ask you a question?". She replied back "Yea, of course." with a smile. The male then asks "Are you single?" as more items are scanned. "Well, yes I am, but how did you guess?" she said as a toothbrush was scanned. "Ah, because your ****ing ugly!" the male cashier replied.