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    Can you recommend a solution?

    I'm a non techie who is about at his wits end trying to figure out the best way to go for my website. Its a content focused website that will sell 1-2 self produced information products which will be shipped from a fulfillment company.

    I have a great web designer, in India, who is ready to do the PSD and CMS Made Simple template. CMSMS was his suggestion and I think it is a good solution. He said he could also integrate and skin a shopping cart for $450. Being this guy is a coder, I assume it will be a self coded shopping cart as he didn't mention anything about a white label solution when asked. My issue is that I am not sure I am getting anything but a simple form linked to a payment gateway for $450. He said he could integrate any features that i wanted, but the problem is i don't know what to ask for, as this is my first project. I don't want to be stuck with an overpriced form that lacks features i will need but don't think of.

    So, I started to look at solutions such as Avactis, Pinnacle, Viart, and Digishop for my needs. I assume that I would need to hotlink a seperately hosted cart to the CMSMS website, as there would be server issues otherwise. Its a shame that there isn't a CMS cart out there that allows the building of purely content based websites that want to sell a product or two as well. I don't know if I should use one of these solutions or let this guy code a cart for me.

    The second huge issue is I need an autoresponder solution as well. An autoresponder that links into the shopping cart is a huge plus. There is 1shoppingcart, however its autoresponder emails are notorious for never making it past spam filters. And the autoresponder needs to work within the CMS as well.

    I'm pulling my hair out. Any suggestions?

    Thanks very much


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    Maybe there's some decent e-commerce module for this CMS? Try checking their forum, for example:,17918.0.html,18025.0.html


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