I wrote a code for fadding effects in jquery..I have some problem with that code..I need some gap(delay) between two images..how can i change the time in that code inorder to get the delay..

here is the .js file

// Options:
// pause: {Number} minimum number of ms to show the picture. Default: 1000.
// random: {Number} 0 to this number will randomly be added to pause. Default 0.
// This keeps all the xfaders on a page from fading at the same time.
// fadeTime: {Number} ms for the fade effect. Default: 2000.
// fadeIn: {Boolean} true to have the images start invisible and fade in. Default: false;
// the Xfade object is attached to each container, so you can use $('.made_xfade')[0].xfade.stop() and .start()


$.fn.xfade = $.extend(function(opts){
opts = $.extend({}, arguments.callee['default'], opts);
return this.each(function(){
this.xfade = new $.fn.xfade.Xfade(this, opts);
},{ // option sets
'default': {pause: 2000, random: 0, fadeTime: 1000, fadeIn: false},
random: { pause: 100, random: 4000},
randomFadein: {pause: 100, random: 4000, fadeIn: true},

// constructor
Xfade: function(container, opts){
var imgs = $.map($('img',container).hide(), '$(a)'); // turn imgs into an array of jquery objects, each with one image
var current = imgs.length-1;
if (current == -1) return; // no images
if (!opts.fadeIn) imgs[current].show();

this.start = function(){
current = imgs[current+1] ? current+1 : 0;
if (imgs.length == 1) return; // just one image? show it and stop
timer = setTimeout(arguments.callee, opts.fadeTime+opts.pause+opts.random*Math.random()); // wait for the fade to end, then pause
} // start

this.stop = function(){
clearTimeout (timer);
timer = null;
}; // stop

this.isStopped = function() {return timer == null};

var timer = setTimeout(this.start, opts.random*Math.random()); // start fading
} // Xfade


Here is the html file

<script type="text/javascript">
$(".make_fader").xfade({random: 7000, fadeIn:true});