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    create table using CSS

    I need to create a table using CSS for this page:
    Right now it's 3 columns set up using CSS, but I really need rows also, thus a table using CSS.

    I've Googled for a tutorial but there doesn't seem to be anything very good, and in fact, very little actually. A couple things, but they are not explained well.

    And it is going to have categories that look like this image:

    In other words Process is a category and then there are several rows of the name of the equipment and a photo of it across from the name.

    Then more categories in Column 1 like Mixing, Sound, Light, and each of those categories will have several equipment names and photos listed in Col 2 and 3.

    So I need a table rather than just rows or the equipment names and photos will not be horizontally level with each other.

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    So I need a table
    Yes you do

    That's what tables are for and you should use then when you have to display tabular data. It would be entirely wrong not to use a table when tabular data is called for.

    It could be done in CSS but would not be semantically correct as you are displaying data items that have a direct correlation with each other.

    It's only using tables for layout that is bad. Using tables for tabular data is good


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