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    Updating options within a <select> via ajax

    I'm attempting to update a select box based upon a selection a user makes view another select box and have been scratching my head when it comes to making this work withing IIE.

    Using an ajax function I pulled from a blog that returns the contents of a link into a variable, I'm trying to populate my select box.

    I'm using the following code:

        <title>XMLHTTP test</title>
    <script language="JavaScript" type="text/javascript">s
     function myTest(myString) {
     	document.getElementById('substatus').innerHTML = myString;
      <body onLoad="makeHttpRequest('substatus.php?status=' +document.getElementById('status').value,myTest,false);">
        <select id="status" name="status" onChange="makeHttpRequest('substatus.php?status=' +document.getElementById('status').value,myTest,false);">
    <?=$statuses; ?>    
    <br />
        <select id="substatus">
        <script type="text/javascript" src="statusUpdate.js"></script>
    I know that calling innerHTML is my problem with IE however I don't know what the appropriate way to repopulate the select box is. Do I have to clear the select box and append each line one at a time or is there a generic way to replace all options like innerHTML? If so, how can I step line by line through my variable?

    Also, my substatus.php script returns <option> tags. For example:

    <option value="1">My text 1</option>
    <option value="2">My text 2</option>

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    That's a known issue.

    Try passing back some JSON with the value and text parameters of each object, and build the select options from that information instead.

    Bulletproof Ajax has a good example of how to handle JSON values.
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