Hi - I'm a user of Quix Explorer as a part of my company's emergency procedures. One of the problems I have with Quix is that it will not allow you to override/replace a file that already exists when trying to upload a file with the same name...but has been edited.

I've looked at a bunch of Web File Manger apps, open sourced and not...but was wondering if anyone had any suggestions.

Requirements are:
Multi-user (up to 50 or more...not exceeding 100)
Security based (restrict certain folders from the root down)

Main use is to temporarily replace our office network environment in the event our office is closed or lost due to an event like a hurricane, etc. In the event we lose the ability to access our office/network, users work remotely from home or other locations until our office/network can be accessed again...whether it be a day or a week.