This is a bit of a strange one ...

I have two selection lists. The first one has an onchange event which causes the second selection list's contents to dynamically change. All working fine on all browsers.

When the user has not selected the right options (left the default option) validation takes place server side and then reloads the page. The problem is that because the page is reloaded, the selection lists are back to default.

What I *thought* was that I could add in a line onload to force the first selection list to be whatever they chose last time, e.g.

var s = document.getElementById('sel');
    s.onchange = function() {
        //refresh second list ...
    //force the selection to change onload
This *does* cause the first selection list to be changed visually, but it does not trigger the onchange event - only a click from the mouse or keyboard, in other words an action by the user, seems to do that.

Am I simply asking for something that is not possible?

Assuming that on page reload I can identify the previously selected option's index, what technique could I use to cause that second list to be generated?

Open to any ideas.