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    is this feasible?

    hi all,
    we have a client who does road markings and playground markings. he wants a feature on his website whereby the user can specify the size of their playground which will then be displayed in scaled 1metre squares. then the user can draw any trees and bushes using a pen tool to better replicate the area of their playground. Then the user can drag the playground marking designs (snakes and ladders, hop scotch etc...) where they want them on the floor plan to see how many they can fit in the space. Then when theyve finished their playground layout with playground markings, they can press the 'email design' button which emails a snapshot of the layout to our client who can then quote on it.
    my question is: how feasible is this to do? im quite capable at actionscript, but how can i do stuff like having the ability to draw bushes? how can i let the user email of a snapshot of the plan? if there are any flas i can download and cobble together then great.

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    This is unlikely to be the sort of niche application you'd be able to download and 'cobble together'. It is feasible to create this sort of thing if you have the expertise in both actionscript & server side technology (which you'd need to send the snapshot of the plan).
    There's an example of something of this nature mentioned in the news article here that is worth looking at for inspiration.


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