I am following the MySQL tutorial here at SitePoint, but I am having trouble getting a database ready. Lucky for me, my provider supports MySQL, so I mailed them and asked for an account. I got my account information, and tried to log in with MySQL using www.telefragged.com as server (my hosting provider) and my username. I typed in the correct password, but then I get an error message saying my ISP is not allowed to connect to it. (ERROR 2003: Host 'apollo-hrlm0711.multiweb.net' is not allowed to connect to this MySQL server)

So I mailed the system admins. Their reply:
"only the telefragged server can connect"

So I asked them what possible use the database could be if you can only access it from the host server.

Their reply:
that is how I do all my db connections
or <A HREF="http://www.phpwizard.net"" TARGET=_blank>www.phpwizard.net"</A>

(yes, they're very communicative, aren't they?)

What should I do?! I am completely lost!