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    Preferd Messaging System

    With all Personal Message (PM) systems falling into one of two types:

    • Conversation: Each reply to the initial PM appears immediately below the preceeding reply, thus it reads that a conversation/forum thread.
    • Non-Conversation: Each reply is displayed as a new message, to view multiple replies at the same time, multiple windows (or tabs) must be opened.

    Which do you prefer? I hope to code a very simple PM system.
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    The first one, the conversation type.

    I don't receive that many PMs, but occasionally I receive an answer quite a few days later and then I'd like to know what I wrote in the first place to put the answer more into context.

    There are a few more reasons, like if the person replying disagrees with my point of view, I'd always like to read what exactly I wrote as often-times it's just a misunderstanding of what I wrote.


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