Is is possible to return just the names of each property of an object. For example, give this object:

my_object = function () {
this.param_1 = 'whatever';
this.param_2 = "something_else";
this.param_3 = new other_object();

I can do my_object.toSource() to get entire thing in the form of a string, but then I would have to parse the string to get the parameter names. I'll fall back on that if I need to, but I'd like a more elegant solution if possible. I can use a for/in loop to get each of the values and the child object names, but it won't return the names child string or anything like that. I'd like to find something that will just return the strings "param_1", "param_2", "param_3". I've been using some jQuery in the script as well, so anything using jQuery would work too.