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    Question hosted (godaddy) vs standalone (insterspire)

    For her hobby, my wife paints and she's been selling her paintings at work, and through word of mouth, now she gets emails from friends of friends inquiring about her work. She's been carrying her transactions through emails and a few people have suggested that maybe she needs a site where they can come, browse possibly buy.

    I've looked thru the threads on this site, and google about ecommerce and such, and it only seems that I got more questions than answers.

    Somebody on this site mentioned interspire, and I checked them out, and what I liked about it was that their templates look very professional. The hosting cart sites---at least the templates I saw under the 40 dollars a month or less range----their templates didn't look as good.

    So my questions are: if I were to get a stand alone software like interspire, what else do I need to think of? I would need to get a hosting site and of course a domain name, but is there anything else I'm missing?

    For my type of situation, where I don't want to spend hours trying to install something like Oscommerce, what would you guys recommend? A hosted plan or a standalone shopping cart?


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    By the sounds of she has no web presence at all.

    Keep in mind she will need a domain name, hosting fees, etc.

    A hosted solution may be a good opportunity to get your/her feet wet and see how it goes.

    Having said that, if you believe there is true business potential, it will almost certainly be better in the long run to go with your own site/software.

    Some things already mentioned, but to consider:
    - Domain name (+ renewals)
    - Hosting fees (maybe monthly?)
    - Software (how long do you get free updates and what do you have to pay after that?)
    - May or may not need an SSL certificate depending on how you process payments - Need answers? Ask it online.
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    The easiest way to go is budget hosting and free gallery software you can customize the look of. Take pictures of the work you want to sell and put them in the gallery, and have people contact you if they're interested in buying. Make sure the website is worth the investment before you put the huge amount of work and money you might need into building a proper online store and accepting payments online.


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