A kind visitor told me about a rather annoying problem with my site that occurs when using IE 5 for Mac. Basically, the main problem is the mass of white space before the page actual content of the page starts.

I suspect this has something to do with the way the browsers cope with the box model, but I'm not sure the best way to go about it as I don't have access to a Mac. How does everyone else deal with designing for a Mac? Is there some place I can go or some program I can use that will emulate with some accuracy different platforms (preferably something that allows me to point to a page on my local server)? Does Netscape 6 on Mac also behave differently when compared to it's PC counterpart?

I've had a screenshot of the problem page, but I've yet to get a reply with the screenshot(s) I'm after that will allow me to assess exactly where the problem lies. I've made a special colorful style sheet for those using Mac IE for one page of my site, if someone would be so kind as to give me access to a screenshot or two (preferably covering the whole page if possible) along with the browser and OS details, I could start to fix this problem.

The test page I've set up is at http://websiteowner.info/test.asp - only Mac users should see the coloured backgrounds, and if you're a Mac user and don't see it, I would also like to know.

Thanks in advance.