Which light weight CMS would you recommend for regular small company info sites (5-15 pages)? PHP/MySQL is a requirement. Just to give them the ability to edit content on pages (About us, contact, welcome page, company news etc) etc. Nothing complicated.

I am not keen on Joomla (too bloated and tables), I tried Wordpress for a regular site (not blog). I am pretty familiar with and I like WP a lot for blogs but I am not crazy about using it for other purposes. Among other things I think the back end can too be confusing for a not so computer literate user.

I have looked a little bit at Drupal in a community site context. Seems powerful but it is also blog focused and feels like an overkill for this purpose.

What about ExpressionEngine? I have never looked or installed it. Anyone tried it??

Someone in this forum recommended Textpattern. I had a look at the demo on opensourcecms. I very much liked the look and feel of the back end! But, it is listed as a blog software at opensourcecms, not as a regular csm. Anyone who tried who could advice whether it would be a good idea or not?

Any advice is very appreciated. The list on http://www.opensourcecms.com/
is pretty long. I would like to narrow it down a bit so I don't have to install each and every system before deciding.