Hi all!

I'm kinda new here, so please don't beat me up if I'm posting something obvious/OT/stupid/<enter your gripe here>

I've had a Wordpress blog for about three years now, with a design that's been the same from the start. I've used IE, Opera, Firefox 1.5, 2.0 to view it, and been quite pleased that it looks mostly the same across all browsers.

Then I got Firefox 3, beta 3. From then on (now Firefox 3 RTM) the site now looks all crumpled up! What changed to make!? I think I also used beta 2, and had no issues.

I have no idea what to search for on the net, so I come to you for advice. If you could spare a moment and take a look at the site with a couple of different browsers and see for yourself what I mean. It's at (I'm not allowed to post links just yet, so..) www hydrah com
The content is mostly in norwegian, if you're curious, not that it really matters.. )

This is really puzzling me, and I'd love to find a solution to it, as I also love the FF3 browser.