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    Browser + Keyboard Code Consistency

    Just a quick question about keyboard charCodes and browsers.

    I've created a Mootools input and textarea that allows for a variety of allowed keys (up, down, left, right, home, end, delete, backspace, space, shift, cntrl, tab, caps lock and alt). Basically what happens if anyone of these keys is pressed all is fine, but if something else is pressed then the character representation of that key is fetched (via the char code) and then if that character is suitable (alphabetical, numeric, or alphanumeric) then its allowed to be inputted.

    This works on IE6 and 7, Firefox, Safari and Opera, but what I'm wondering is that does it work consistently across operating systems and different keyboards? Are the charcodes consistent from OS to OS?
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    > Are the charcodes consistent from OS to OS?
    I've never heard about any exception so I suppose that the answer is Yes. Charcode is an order number of the character in specific encoding and encoding is not OS-specific thing.
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