hello all,
im just looking for some insight into FF's ability to make fonts extremely large (ctrl++). im coding my web site and my <div>'s expand to fit the text perfectly fine, especially in IE (suprisingly), when text size option is set to largest or smallest. now in FF it seems once i get to a decently large size it pushes the <div>'s top margins way down. i understand its not likely people will surf with this text size on full so in essence I am wondering if there is anyway to stop the text from moving the <div>'s. i cant post the code but if anyone needs in an example i would be happy to throw one up.

heres a brief example to draw in your mind what the divs look like:

<div id = "container">

<h1> container heading </h1> <!-- fixed height with image replacement (no text in this box so no worries here -->

<p> container content is in here </p> <!-- this section has no height set and expands when the text gets larger -->

thanks for any replies, and hopefully i was clear enough for everyone.