Hallo all,

I'm wondering what doctype I should use for a new page.

The setup is this:
A motorcycle company with which we have a partnership has an old site built out of frames. Currently, one of their links goes to our server so visitors can get an insurance quote (or other things). I've been asked to redo this page, and as with our other partner companies, I plan to make it resemble the partner's home site. I've successfully copied the other sites, as the links were no problem, but on this particular page, the links I need to recreate go back to framed pages on the partner site.

My page will NOT have frames, but since the links need to go to the correct frame on the destination page, I still need their target attributes, right? Or not? If I look at just the destination, then only that frame of their page loads-- this would leave visitors who ended up on our server but wanted to move to other links on the partner's page with the correct frame but not the rest of the page.

I want that if someone's on our insurance page on our server, that clicking on the links on the side not only go to the correct frame but load the whole partner page, just as if it were a normal (non-framed) page.

Do I use Frameset doctype and keep all their link into (target too) or just my normal HTML4.01 Strict?