Please could someone take a look at this page from the site I'm building:


If you look at it in Firefox first you'll see how it's supposed to look. But then take a look in any version of IE and you'll see my problem—you'll have to scroll down a bit to see it.

If you look at the code I've marked up the Back to top links with a list that wraps around a whole lot of content—not sure if this is allowed but it gets the postioning of the Back to top links that I want, at least in Firefox. I've tried many ways to postion these links. I tried putting them in paragraphs but it messes up the spacing I want between elements. I want the Back to top links sitting out on the right with the spacing between different sets of thumbnails as it is.

How can I fix this in IE, or is there a better way to mark this up?

Please can somebody help as I've tried everything I can think of!