i'm getting zero response from multiple questions on sphider's forum so thought i'd try here.

both the following questions are about sphider http://www.sphider.eu the free open source search for a site php code thing

is it possible to have sphider re-index one single particular specified url of the site and have it not follow any links from that url? i've got this php which sets sphider of indexing everything:
exec("cd $root/sphider/admin/; php spider.php -all > /dev/null &");
but i want to modify it somehow so it does only one page. anyone know?

is it possible to remove certain pages from the index but not have sphider remove all its children. eg remove domain.com/sports but have domain.com/sports/tennis remain? in the list of urls to exclude in sphider's admin area, inserting domain.com/sports also removes all its children such as domain.com/sports/tennis

any help much appreciated. thanks.