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Thread: Flash & SEO

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    Flash & SEO

    The threads I've seen so far discussing this new Google/Flash development haven't really touched on the thing which is most important to SEO but which I think would be better suited to be asked about in the Flash forum. What I need to know, not being a Flash developer, is how Flash can deliver contextual keyword info to a search engine bot.

    If I understand rightly, the Google bot can now execute the SWFobject, pull out URLs and extract text (I know it could already do that to some extent) but is it possible to use this text in HTML tags within the Flash and give it semantic context? Like the use of <title> <h1> etc etc. I've seen talk of using XML to do this but Google still can't extract it.

    Also, will text be pulled out as a discrete page or will indexed Flash content always resolve to the 'home' page, will Flash text content even be treated as separate pages or just lumped all together in one file?

    Forgive my ignorance, perhaps some of you guys knowledgeable in Flash could help me shed some light on this. This is the Google announcement on the Webmaster forums and the comment questions make very interesting reading. Answers to those questions would be even more interesting!
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    I imagine indexed flash content will go to the page that the flash was found on, since google is so URL based. I don't believe it'll understand markup for semantic content, sounds like a good experiment for someone to run


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