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    Capture URL via link

    Bit of an odd question this, so i hope it makes sense...

    I'm trying to create a simple bookmarking tool for our intranet to allow staff to add a url to a company wide bookmark list

    In laymans terms this is how I'm seeing it..

    A link on a bookmark toolbar in the browser: a pop up page would appear when the link was clicked that would pull the url the user was visiting when they clicked the toolbar link and allow the user to provide some details about the page and some environment variables - mainly %username%

    This would then be submitted into the 'intranet bookmarks' db.

    The submission of the user details and environment variable I can do, I don't know how to capture the url of the page that the user was on when they click the toolbar link

    Any ideas?

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    Maybe document.location ??


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