Hi, Hello, i'm completely new to PHP and was trying to configure a simple script that is used to validate the existence of a link to my site, from a user inputted URL, kinda like a reciprocal link checker.

heres the part of the code thats the problem

Code PHP:
          echo "<b>Links:</b><br>\n"; 
                if ($is_href) { 
                    foreach ($links as $myval) { 
                        echo "Link: ".$myval."<br>\n";

Currently, the code lists ALL the outgoing links on the user inputted URL. So how can i make the echo to not show all the links on that site? Instead of listing all the available links, how to create a hidden 'echo' or 'print' of some sort?

(I wanted to put the entire script here but Sitepoint doesnt allow links in the codes)

I want it to not display anything at all, but the echo "Link : "$.myval." " has to be there for the preg_match fucntion towards the end of the script to work. Thanks, i've been racking my brains trying solve it with php and even html, but no cigar. Thanks for the help.