Hello everyone,

I'm learning rails with Agile Web Development with Rails book. Right now I'm doing example from chapter 11 where they create interface for adding new users. I wrote all code exactly as it is in the book. However, I'm having a problem -- once I hit "Add User" button, the page is just redirected to the list of users and the user is not actually added. I'm trying to diagnose the problem. The code they have for the button is

<%= f.submit "Add User" , :class => "submit" %>
This ends up generating this HTML:

<input class="submit" id="user_submit" name="commit" type="submit" value="Add User" />
What I'm trying to userstand is what happens once this button is clicked. There's no action in the controller called "submit". However, there are actions new/edit/create and update. Is "submit" some kind of special action which redirects to of of these CRUD methods? The book doesn't explain that. I'm using Rails 2.1.0.

Any feedback would be appreciated,