Hy friends!

I will be grateful if someone out there knows how I can code a simple javascript login functionality, with redirect to page depending on the user! I will have 2 users:

Buyer - username: Buyer; password: buyer;
Seller - username Seller; password: seller;

After login the buyer should be redirected to buyer.html, and seller to seller.html

I got this form:

<form id="loginform" action="">
                      <label for="usrname">Username:</label>
                      <input name="usrname" type="text" size="20" />
                    <div class="pass_field">
                      <label for="pswrd">Password:</label>
                      <input name="pswrd" type="text" size="20" />
                      <input name="login" class="login_btn" type="image" src="images/home_login_btn.png" />
This is for the sole purpose of a simple demo presentation for the client, and one should not be concerned with the different negative implications of using such method. I need it very quick and dirty!

Thank you and thank you!