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    digital delivery

    Hello, i am developing a site for digital delivery.

    Are there any common mistakes I should be aware of?

    (Just the actual delivery of the digital file)

    Thanks for your time.

    The main question I have is how to handle the following:

    The mp3s will be stored on the client's local server, the website will be remote.

    When someone purchases - they will be provided a link, which I would like it to be done through the website. ie:

    Then download.php will validate the request - but this is where i'm not sure how to handle - how do I correctly access the mp3 (given I know where the mp3 is via http URL).

    Is it better to download the file to the website - then handle it to the user (which seems like double work and could have problems) - or is there a way to from this point allow the user to get the file and still hide where the real file location is.
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