Hello Everyone,

I want to try and create a MUD (multi-user domain) in a web based format. A MUD is a text-based RPG game, think of it as an extension of a chatroom where you create an account (a character) with certain traits (race, class, etc.). You can advance your character by killing things, etc. similar to that of any graphical games you see. Commands are entered just like a chatroom, i.e. kill boar, everything is pretty much updated real time. You can connect to muds via a telnet program.

The reason I want to create one for the web is because I think it could reach a much wider audience, and I could combine both the text element along with some 2D image graphics. For example instead of seeing text describing your inventory you would see your character wearing the equipment you have on the website when you click or type inventory.

My question is...I would like to create this type of game on the web but am not sure exactly where to start.

The problem is that on the web, you have to refresh every time content updates...Would using PHP and AJAX be able to accomplish this type of environment? Is there something that may be better suited? Where should I start since I could not find many good resources on PHP/AJAX. Any guidance would be appreciated, please let me know if you have further questions or you need some clarification.