I'd like to make something like the splash page at http://www.sun.com or http://www.ibm.com .

I'd like a few tabs or boxes that when a user hovers their mouse over, the splash picture changes.

This is my first attempt at using JavaScript, so I'm not entirely sure where the best spot to put the events are.

I know I'll need an event on each tab (styled href) to send a signal to a function that will change the image. I can manage this much.

However, I'm not sure how to actually change the image once the function is called. From what I can gather I need to assign an identifier to the image in question, and then use that identifier to change the img tag. Is this correct? If so, how would it be done?

Also, it would be better if the image was a background image so I don't need to worry about quarky browsers messing up the layout, so would I be able to override a CSS setting instead?

Thanks for the help.