I've been using the jQuery plugin as part of the WordPress Multi-level navigation plugin which I made a while back (see signature for link). I got the code from Superfish page and it works flawlessly - as long as the user doesn't have any other plugins activated which use jQuery.

I've been trying to set my plugin to use the wp_enqueue_script tag in WordPress to ensure that jQuery is not loaded twice, however the built in WordPress one does not seem to work with my plugin.

I know nothing of Javascript or jQuery, I just know that the scripts work - except this time they aren't The javascript file called by WordPress does not look the same as the one I downloaded, despite both being jQuery 1.2.3.

Here is the file included with MY plugin ... http://pixopoint.com/demo/test/wordp...y-1.2.3.min.js

And here is the one outputted by WordPress ... http://pixopoint.com/demo/test/wordp...y.js?ver=1.2.3

Any ideas where I'm going wrong here?

Thanks for your help