How to get the value of object's element from a webpage where object name or id is not given. Does any body have clue for me. Even any working code could be accepted.

I have a two frames in browser

1. My Own (name="topFrame" id="topFrame")
2. Third Party Web Page (name="bottomFrame" id="bottomFrame")

So the Javascript code is running in top frame.

In bottom frame I am loading a third party webpage url which have a currency conversion calculator form with no name or id attribute mentioned ( <form action="" method=""> and not <form name="calculatecurrency"> or <form id="calculatecurrency"> )

There are following form elements which exist in this form:

Select Source Currency from Select List ( list name="srcCurr" id="srcCurr")
Select Target Currency from Select List ( list name="tgtCurr" id="tgtCurr")
Enter Amount in Source Currency in a Text Field (textfield name="srcAmt" id="srcAmt")
and Then There is a button called "Currency Calculator"

So once I submit that form, It shows the Target Currency in the webpage.

I need to capture this Target Currency.

So How I can go about it?

I require it urgent for my application.

Thanks a lot in advance.

Robin Sridhar