Hi everyone,

This might be an odd thread however i am looking for a provisional appraisal for my website and SMALL organization. Music-pages.net

I need to know how much it is worth at the moment for personal reasons and investment reasons, I am not looking to sell it as of yet however i hope to in the future, perhaps in a year or two.

The site is quite intricate and i have been tol dit is a very good idea for my country (Ireland)

The script is not mine however one is in development which is obviously VERY similar to this one.

I would like to know, what kind of earning potential it has and what may be the best way to go about selling advertisement space, obviously i dont want to discourage users with horrible advertisements.

So please advise, all information is greatly appreciated, I ask because i am a huge fan of the sitepoint forums and always enjoy the topics and agenda's covered!