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    Thumbs up The best simple technic on mastering Java script ever....A must for everyone

    Yes i scourage all over the web like sattelite were doing and finally i stumble upon this web...which is damn simple made simpler on java tutorial..
    yet very comprehensive..
    see you there..................go to : HTMLGOODIES.COM
    SURE BELIEVE............

    love michelle
    admin FOREXSEXIER dot como

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    The last time I looked that was the most outdated site on JavaScript in existance with lots of examples of how to write JavaScript the 20th Century way with just about all of the code being designed for IE4 and Netscape 4 and all needing to be rewritten if you want it to work efficiently, effectively, and unobtrusively with modern browsers.

    I don't think they have had time since then to completely rewrite everything and so I would expect that even if they have been busily rewriting it to show the modern way of using JavaScript there are probably still more examples there of how NOT to write your JavaScript than there are of how to do it properly. Just about any other site on JavaScript would be a better place to learn JavaScript than that one.

    Or are you referring to Java tutorials on their site (which is a totally different language with almost nothing in common with JavaScript). Your comment is confusing because the title refers to JavaScript and the body of your post mentions Java. If you are referring to Java and not JavaScript then I can't comment on their tutorials as I have never seen any JavaScript tutorials on that site (I stopped visiting there when it became obvious that all the code written by Joe was inappropriate to use after about 2002 - if not several years earlier - since it was all set up to use proprietary features of the really early browsers - I do know that they have had other people rewriting the content to update it since he sold it but I believe they were mostly concentrating on replacing all his how to code a web page articles with ones that show how to do it with HTML).
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