Hi all,

I'm starting to work more on understanding and learning PHP/MySQL. I have the Sitepoint "How to build...using PHP/MySQL" - but one thing I am looking to know how to do, or for guidance on is:

If I have a site, say with 5 different sections (home, news, about, tic, tac, toe) and the site will use one of 2 main templates, what specific functions/code etc. should I be looking at to know how to do this? Kinda in the way Wordpress works (if you use it for CMS), how can I differentiate that when I go to the "about" section it uses template "1" and brings in the DB info for About, and when I click on "tic" it loads template "1", with DB info for Tic, etc. ?

Using the Sitepoint book I get the how-to build the CMS, etc. but just not how to build a site within a template and different areas.

Any guidance appreciated!