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    Can I get help in investigating my work flow level?

    Hello, I have my own business and we are having a long chain of employees in our work flow of the business. Due to overload of work flow it is not possible for me to keep a regular touch with each and every employee on the cases that we have going on. Can I get any kind of help to manage the investigation process on every employee’s work and co-ordinate it better???

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    It sounds like you need someone to manage your business operationally either from a project perspective or a productivity one depending on what you do. This is very common for a growing business and something which you're right to be addressing.

    This could mean hiring a full time PM / Operations Manager who is dedicated to your organization solely, spends time ramping up on each area or project and is able to increase efficiency and productivity by properly walking through the process, managing employees, directing to the right "hands" and finding areas of inefficiencies. Having a dedicated person also gives your team a direct contact to reach out to and someone they can count on to help them in the event of overload or other problems which is extremely important in retaining your work force.

    If you're not able to afford someone on a full time basis, a freelance or part time employee should still be able to help, you'll just notice the inevitable gaps that will arise when they're off.
    - Ted S


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