I am having inconsitent problems with this page. The links with the bullets don't work when they are in this frame, but they do work when they are not in the frame in most situations (see below).


  • On ie6 on a Mac (installed through wine) it works fine.
  • On an ie6 standalone on an XP machine it doesn't work on the original page or in the frame.
  • On ie7 on a Vista computer it works when not in the frame, but doesn't work in the frame.

My original thought was that this was a css layering issue because of the inline styles, but in ie7 the links can be seen in the status bar.
So my new thought is that its a Windows security issue. I noticed that the links at the bottom that do work don't have query strings at the end. Maybe this could be part of the issue.

Any thoughts...(help)