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    1st CSS usage - display problem in FF

    So i've just created my 1st page with CSS and generally it seems ok! / BPS / index.html

    There is a couple things however that i need a little help with as usual! The page seems to display correctly in IE but when i view it in firefox there is a gap appearing between the header banner and the navigation bar... can anyone help me resolve this issue?

    I have still to implement the rollover effects for the links and create the links themselves which will be my next task / challenge!

    I'm also slightly unsure about the best way to go for creating / storing the CSS for individual pages? do you guys usually lump it all together into a single CSS file that is applied across the board or should i be trying to create a CSS file for the general page structure and then a unique one for the content which is specific to each page?

    finally is anyone is willing to have a glance over my code structure etc. and give me any pointers it would be much appreciated as i'd imagine it can be improved upon!?
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