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    Question is there a better and faster way to create forms?


    in my opinion, when writing database driven webapps,
    the most time consuming thing is creating the "edit/delete/new" forms.

    I am convinced there is an easier and faster way than doing
    this manually and I'd just like to know how you deal with it..

    maybe someone knows a great tool or software.
    (does not have to be php-based)


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    That my friend is called a framework, and they were born out of the desire to reduce reinventing the wheel every time you wanted to create an application (i.e. CRUD - create, update, delete). There is usually a bit of a learning curve for each different framework, but they can and do save you hours in the long run. Look into Code Igniter, Cake, Zend, or just search google for "php framework"

    Of course, a framework is not for everyone. I don't use them, and instead opt for a self-created mini framework. Most developers over time will create their own repository of functions and helpful scripts that they can reuse.
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