I have a client who wants to build a community for artists and bands with these features below.

Before listing the features (and I know I can't have all of them so something close would be a good compromise), I want to ensure that the script is open source so a developer can modify it. And second, I'm not the developer, I'm just the designer. So there needs to be a decent community of developers who can customize the script for me.

Money is not an issue for the client. Here are the features that client listed;

  1. Public comments; showing the public views about the song of the artist
  2. Chat room; members and non members can converse while on the main feature page
  3. Calendar of events; posting any information

Music/Video Downloads

  1. Share (transfer) and download music tracks & videos; members can allow their tracks and video to be seen and downloaded by members and non members
  2. Non members can not upload and share, view & download only

Profile Creation

  1. All profiles will be made based on creator’s approval
  2. It is important that credible profiles are only accepted to play a significant role in building an independent major label network
  3. This will maintain a professional appearance as well as entertaining
  4. Profiles filtered by location (closet major city) will allows people to network with others in their area, exchanging information, music, tracks, and collaborating on projects