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    drop down box vs list


    i have a prob, i am unable to figure it out.

    I have a list of 100 students. I am pulling that list from back-end, i am using Ajax to get the list(this dynamic and sorted).

    to display the names of the students i am using ul (<UL>) tags.

    Is there any way i could make the cursor to jumps to the particular student depend on what key is pressed? let say if we press key "S" it should jump to the student with the name starting with "S"?

    This is possible with the drop down box.

    But, I tried like the below. Then the anchor functionality is not working(b/c of span tags).


    <option><span class="student">name1</span> - <span class="age">age</span></option>

    <option><span class="student">name2</span> - <span class="age">age</span></option>

    <option><span class="student">name3</span> - <span class="age">age</span></option>


    can this be done by using UL tag?

    any help please?

    Thank you,

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    Those are accesskeys that you're wanting to use.
    They mostly work for form elements and links.
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